horizontal strong continuous mixer

Horizontal Strong Continuous Mixer

The horizental strong continuous mixer is a patented product developed by our company based on the accumulated field experience accumulated over the years. It has the characteristics of small volume, strong mixing ability, high mixing precision, stable continuous operation, safe and reliable.

The three mixing mechanisms of solid particles, namely diffusion mixing, convection mixing, shear mixing, overcome the opposite segregation effect of a single diffusion mixing mechanism, to ensure a high degree of uniformity, thereby achieving the required mixing degree, the mixing degree can be It reaches 90-95%, that is, the coefficient of variation V is not more than 5-10%.

Widely used in steel, briquette, electric power, chemical and other industries, especially suitable for the front end of the ball press mixing process.

Advantages and features of horizental strong continuous mixer

(1) Absorbing the advanced mixing principle of strong convection and shearing to reach a high mixing degree;

(2) Horizontal structure and continuous mixing to ensure the continuity of the production line;

(3) It also has the function of breaking up, high efficiency and large output;

(4) Compact structure, small volume, and easy to connect with the production line;

(5) Fully enclosed structure design, good working environment and high degree of automation;

(6) Patented technology, the mixing tool is smart in structure, easy to replace and easy to maintain.

Scope of application

This series of products is suitable for the mixing of two (and above) granules or powders with a particle size of more than 10μm, and the addition of a small amount of water or binder. It is widely used in metallurgical dust removal, sludge recycling and steel pellets, such as laterite-nickel ore, iron concentrate, magnesium oxide powder, aluminum bauxite powder. Mainly used in metallurgy, mining, refractory materials, coal, chemicals, building materials and other industries.

Order notes

1.Material characteristics like size, density,formula,proportion,and throughout should be specified;

2.The characteristics of binder should be cleared such as addition, viscosity and density and added proportion.

Working principle of horizontal strong continuous mixer

This series of general-purpose products are driven by a motor through a hard-toothed reducer (or hydraulic coupler), and then the geared coupling drives the hybrid rotor to rotate at a certain speed. The hybrid rotor is fixed with a special geometry and high wear resistance mixing tool.

When the mixing tool is rotated, the material is mixed in a fixed container and continuously discharged. The material advances and retreats in the container to form a solid fluidization effect, so that the material achieves the desired mixing effect.

Parameter of horizental strong continuous mixer

Model Yield(t/h) Power(KW) Dimensions(mm)
HQ 04 10 1.5-3 4 2350*500*650
HQ 05 18 6-10 15 4100*1255*850
HQ 06 20 8-15 22-30 4878*1255*1135
HQ 08 25 15-25 37-45 5025*1520*1200
HQ 09 18 22-35 37-55 4500*1650*1300
HQ 10 20 30-45 55-75 5164*1481*1480
HQ 11 20 40-50 75-110 4627*1885*1600
HQ 12 24 80-120 132-160 6785*1627*1550
HQ 13 30 100-155 160-200 7762*2531*1900
HQ 13 40 150-230 250-280 9310*1650*1900
HQ 15 40 210-300 280-355 7613*3845*1985

Note: The data in the table is calculated according to the average density of 1.1T/m3. When selecting the model, please combine the actual material characteristics and industrial conditions to select the most suitable product.

Selection technology reference

1) Powder and solid

The solid mixing device has two kinds of solids, one is a granule and the other is a powder. The powder having a particle size of 50 μm (about 270 mesh) and less than 10 μm (1000-1500 mesh) is used. There is a phenomenon that the adhesion is greater than gravity, that is, the phenomenon of reverse pulverization.

2) About the filling rate

Full volume (total volume) refers to the maximum volume of the equipment. The filling rate refers to the percentage of material that is remembered during continuous operation, generally 25-40%.

3) tons of power consumption

That is, the power consumed by mixing one ton of material is about 1-1.2 KWh/ton, which is an empirical formula and only the selection reference.

4) Line speed

The speed at which any point on the object makes a circular motion on the fixed axis becomes the “linear velocity”. Its general definition is the instantaneous speed at which a particle (or a point on an object) makes a curve motion (including a circular motion). Its direction is along the tangential direction of the moving track, so it is also called the tangential speed, in m/s.

Calculation formula: T = πDn / 60 The linear speed of the intensive mixer is generally 4.5-6m / s.

Horizontal strong continuous mixer feature

The coulter mixer is newly developed powerful mixer. The mixer drives the impeller shaft to rotate through the hydraulic torque convertor with electrical anti-injection device, hard tooth surface retarder and gear coupling. Blade with special
geometric shape and high wearing-proof performance is fixed on the impeller shaft. When the impeller shaft rotates,
the blade will be driven to rotate to mix the material in the container with continuous discharging. The material flows
to mix in the container with high mixing strength to realize the even mixing in short time. Generally, the mixer features
with small volume, strong mixing ability, easy maintenance and safe reliability.


1. The machine before installation should pay attention to matters: continuous mixing machine, mixer, continuous mixer, continuous mixer equipment

1) no matter in what way feeding, must pay attention to the level before and after the equipment and the equipment movement linkage interlock.Continuous mixer and continuous mixer and continuous mixer prices, continuous mixer equipment

2) should be combined with site condition and the structure of the equipment parts USES to determine reasonable hoisting scheme, prevent deformation.Continuous mixer and continuous mixer and continuous mixer prices, continuous mixer equipment

2. The machine’s installation and adjustment: continuous mixing machine, mixer, continuous mixer, continuous mixer equipment

1) the door shall be provided according to the manufacturer of the anchor bolt hole position size drawing foundation construction drawing design and equipment dynamic load is complete, must have sufficient strength and height, in order to prevent due to the impact in the operation of equipment and the weight of settlement.Continuous mixer and continuous mixer and continuous mixer prices, continuous mixer equipment

2) the machine can be installed on the concrete platform or metal frame, must be prepared before pouring concrete is three times as large as the anchor bolt casing, casing are used to determine the anchor bolt hole when casting.Continuous mixer and continuous mixer and continuous mixer prices, continuous mixer equipment

3) checked before installation should have because transportation or dismantling damage, repair the rear can be installed.Continuous mixer and continuous mixer and continuous mixer prices, continuous mixer equipment

4) when installation should keep rack bottom flat.Continuous mixer and continuous mixer and continuous mixer prices, continuous mixer equipment

5) the host after lifting on the basis, to host lateral horizontal fine-tuning, fastening screws should diagonal gradually tightened.Continuous mixer and continuous mixer and continuous mixer

6) the machine before delivery has made four to eight small time conform to the technical standards allow the factory operation.Continuous mixer and continuous mixer and continuous mixer prices, continuous mixer equipment

7) the lubrication parts according to the charging point infusion lubricating oil: oil standard and regulations continuous mixing machine, mixer, continuous mixer, continuous mixer equipment