Medium Pressure Briquette Machine


Medium pressure briquetting machine introduction

The medium pressure briquetting machine is a kind of ball pressing machine that can force the material into roller area to get high-bulk density briquettes. It is developed on the basis of the high-pressure briquetting machine, and adopts the transmission structure of the high- pressure one.It is mainly used for the materials which its line specific pressure is 1-3t/cm such as briquette, coking coal, formed coke and so on.

Advantages of medium pressure briquetting machine

1. Adopting the structure of dual-output shaft reducer instead of the traditional external gear transmission, which effectively improves the precision of the roller;

2. Using hard surface gear to improve the working performance and service life of reducer greatly;

3. Using the alignment structure of ball groove of high pressure briquetting machine, more convenient for adjustment;

4. Hydraulic station is placed independently with the function of pressure-adjusting and protective function when overloading.


Order notes

1. The equipment is supplied as right-installed generally. Please specify in the contract if it needs to be installed at left.

2. The capacity and energy-consumption are related with the following factors such as material characteristics, size of finished products. The capacity in the sheet is calculated based on the density of briquetted ball of coal dust with the standard size of briquetting in our company;

3. The company provides general motor for main frame. Please specify in the contract if variable frequency motor is required.

Medium Pressure Briquette Machine parameters

Roller dia.
Max. line
ZY520-100 520 400 100 2.5 37 5-8 8.9
ZY650-120 650 500 120 2.5 45 10-15 12.8
ZY750-150 750 480 150 3 75 15-20 17.2
ZY1000-300 1000 900 300 3 200 30-35 42
ZY1200-300 1200 1000 300 3 250 45-50 78
ZY1400-360 1400 1200 360 3 355 75-80 115